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    CowEasy Self-Business Partner (SBP) Scheme
    Enjoy Up To 60% Subscription Rewards Continuously Provide PayPal Gateway For Collection of Your Client Payment Directly SBP Platform With Unlimited Bookkeeping Accounts Creation For Internal Usage
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    Your Own Business - Belong To You and Your Family
    You're NOT Our Reseller, You're The Boss of Your Own Business.
    Creative and Innovative Scheme To Let You Make Your Own Business Easily and Continuously
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    Hugh Sharing That You Are the Real Boss
    Get Your Substantial and High Earning Concurrently and Forever!
    You Enjoy The Largest Portion of Sharing
    You Always Control Everything In Your Own Business

Enjoy 60% Rewards Forever

Enjoy 60% Rewards Forever

Built In Enhanced PayPal System

Built In Enhanced PayPal System

SBP Platform For Unlimited Bookkeeping Accounts Creation

SBP Platform For Unlimited Bookkeeping Accounts Creation

Dedicated CowEasy Consultant For You All The Time

First of all, after you apply Self-Business Partner (SBP) Scheme, and register as our SBP. You will be assigned with a dedicated professional consultant to support you endlessly regarding all your enquiries arising from your clients

CowEasy Self-Business Partner (SBP) Platform

Develop an SBP platform online to create UNLIMITED bookkeeping accounts and UNLMITED users to access. Let our SBP enjoy powerful cloud accounting tool for UNLIMITED condition at no cost.

Most importantly, CowEasy provide you with a direct PayPal gateway in getting your clients payment straightway. You control everything!

Qualification For Self-Business Partner (SBP)

  • CPA Firm
  • Bookkeeping or Accounting Company
  • Business Consultant
Bronze Silver Gold
SBP Platform
Dedicated CowEasy Consultant
CowEasy Website Listing to Help Businesses Find You
Offering Auditing Referrals

Qualification of Certified Instructor

For persons who interested to become our Certified Instructor, they should need to meet the requirements as below:

  1. LCC Higher Level, and
  2. Conduct 2-hour training by our CowEasy Support Team

After that, those who fulfilled the above-mentioned requirements may receive a CowEasy Certified Instructor (CCI) that issued by CowEasy Assessment Team.

CCI may conduct in any forms to other persons regarding all-rounded features and functions of CowEasy Cloud Platform on behalf of CowEasy.

Continuous validity of CCI is applied upon renewal is requested, subject to CowEasy on-going system development progress for further updated training if necessary.